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22nd-Dec-2014 12:24 pm - Fluff - a Blake's 7 story.
I haven't actually given up on this Livejournal, although it might seem like that. I have been writing various things, mostly Harry Potter, but they haven't really worked out. I had hoped to have a Christmas story about the Malfoys, but it isn't finished. Perhaps after Christmas, or next Christmas . . .

Anyway, here instead is a short Blake's 7 story. It's vaguely seasonal, I suppose - at least it deals with an unexpected rapport between two crew members who usually get on very badly, even by Blake's 7 standards! It's set during the fourth season, partly on an unnamed planet, partly on the ship Scorpio. For those who do not know Blake's 7, Slave is the ship's computer, so called from its obsequious personality.

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25th-Aug-2014 08:20 pm - Three readings of Wuthering Heights.
I have mostly been busy trying to write longer stories lately (and failing to get them finished), but hearing Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights in a shop on Saturday, the outline of a Snape story based on the book and the often discussed similarity between the Snape/Lily relationship and the Heathcliff/Cathy one came to me. So this is the product of my Bank Holiday weekend! As well as Emily Bronte and Kate Bush, I should acknowledge John Sutherland's entertaining and thought-provoking essay 'Who gets what in Heathcliff's will?' in his book 'Can Jane Eyre be Happy? More Puzzles in Classic Fiction'.

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5th-Jun-2014 04:59 pm - Tidying up - Bringing Back the Dead
All is well
I am posting this for the sake of completeness, because maryj59 was asking about Severin Malfoy recently, and because I hope to be writing more about him. I wrote it for hpfriendship last year.

The story is set in 2003. It is rather shocking to think that if he existed, Severin (and his brother) would be 34 today!

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19th-May-2014 06:25 pm - Unity.
This is another story originally written for b7friday. The theme we were given was 'conflict', and I decided to try to do something a little different, to write a story in which conflict, and specifically the constant arguing of the crew of the Liberator, was seen to have a positive side. It also allowed me to explore Cally's background, something I have enjoyed doing.

For anyone not familiar with Blake's 7, Cally is a member of a race called the Auronar - apparently the descendents of a group taken from Earth thousands of years ago by a race of powerful aliens, and then abandoned. They are physically human looking (see debris4spike's icon of Cally, which I am using as my userpic) but have experimented with cloning and genetic engineering, mostly to hone and perfect their telepathic abilities. At the time of the series, the older Auronar had been born normally, but the younger generation had been cloned and developed in artificial wombs, rather in the manner of 'Brave New World'. They also isolated themselves from the rest of the galaxy. Cally, who is one of a number of clones (I am assuming sixteen, as in 'Brave New World', although we only ever saw one of her sisters) had been part of a group who had rebelled against this policy, and had been exiled as a result.
Interestingly, the Auronar are presented as being 'good' rather than otherwise in the context of the series, and their obsession with genetic engineering is seen as 'progressive'. Nowadays, I think that they would be much more sinister, and this is reflected in this story.

As ever, I do not own Blake's 7, and am making no money from this.

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Well, last time I posted here I hoped that I might be writing rather more regularly. Since then, real life has caught up with me - I have moved back to York, which has inevitably involved a lot of disruption, and I am about to start a new job at the University. I have been writing, but both my long-term Blakes 7 story, and the new Severin Malfoy story I am writing have run into trouble, and I don't want to post until I am sure that I know where they are going.

So here is a short Blake's 7 story that I originally wrote for B7 Friday. I do like writing Servalan - she is so wonderfully amoral and indestructible. This is from early on in her career, where she is still a cadet, and with her first lover, Don Kelller.

I do not own Blake's 7, and am making no money from this.

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9th-Jan-2014 12:14 am - As Others See Us
It seems a very long time since I've posted anything here. Perhaps 2014 will actually be the year when I get down to writing more often. I know I say this every January, but . . .

Anyway, here's a short silly story to start off with. Inspired by mary_j_59, who wrote a very funny sporking of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and wondered what I thought of the movie. I couldn't help wondering what the characters from my Harry Potter fanfic would make of it . . .

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5th-May-2013 10:59 pm - New round of Harry Potter Friendship
This was great fun last year, and the prompts on offer look equally interesting in 2013! It seems to produce thought-provoking stories that get away from the usual themes too.

14th-Feb-2013 08:50 pm - To Sir, with Love
Romantic Snape
Nobody forgets a good teacher . . .

Five short stories about love, and about Snape, for Valentine's day.

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3rd-Feb-2013 07:53 pm - His Guilty Secret
Black and white Tarrant

This is a rather silly short story I wrote for the b7friday community. The tag was 'Teddy Bear'. I posted it here by mistake, but now that it's here, it might as well stay.

When people abandon ship in a hurry, it is surprising what they leave behind . . .

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13th-Jan-2013 08:59 pm - The Pacification of Herriol
Avon 1
I recently posted a short story in my 'Blakes 7: the Next Generation' series featuring some Federation officer cadets. One of them was Dev Gaunstead, and this is him, talking about his childhood on the planet Herriol.

Some notes: Blakes 7 is of course not mine, but the creation of Terry Nation and others. Herriol, with its president, Lod, features in the second-last episode, 'Warlord', written by Simon Masters: there it is one of a number of worlds, including Komm, Senthor and Betafarl, which Avon is hoping to join together in an alliance against the Federation - but Betafarl is treacherous, and the plan fails. At the same time the Federation has perfected the use of the drug Pylene 50, which blocks aggression and the production of adrenaline, to subdue entire planets. In the TV series, the effects of this are assumed to be permanent - in my version, they have been found to wear off gradually after a few years. Thus Dev sees the pacification programme as essentially benign, especially when compared the bombings inflicted on Herriol by her neighbours - but of course, the Federation never intended it to be that.

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