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New Year. 
17th-Jan-2016 08:11 pm
Well, I've already broken one new year's resolution, which was to post to this journal once every two weeks. It is now seventeen days into January, and I do not have much to write about at all. It has been a very wet winter so far, and York has flooded badly - the flood barrier on the smaller river, the Foss, failed, so water was able to back up that river and into the city, and places that never expected to flood have been badly damaged. Some friends of mine were stranded in their fourth-floor flat, an island in the waters, for three days. They seem to have rather enjoyed it, but it has been a sad thing to see all the shops and restaurants in the area, completely ruined. Some will take months to reopen, some will not reopen - including the famous King's Arms, the ground floor of which floods almost every year, but which this year has been under water for about six weeks. And York has certainly not been the worst affected place. So a grim, damp start to the year, really.
23rd-Jan-2016 06:06 am (UTC) - Good to hear from you-
-but that's awful news about the floods. I'm glad you weren't affected directly, but it's very sad about all the places that were. I remember visiting York minster as a child, and seeing the remnants of the city wall.

It also reminded me of the loss of our bookshop here in town (the small town in NY where Deirdre works), and our favorite Indian restaurant. Both were flooded out in one of the hurricanes, and the bookshop had previously suffered a fire. It was just too much to recover from.

We've also had a very warm winter up till this month, when we are expecting our first major snowstorm. I'm rather looking forward to the snow, but that's because I'm not scheduled to work and don't have to drive in it!

7th-Feb-2016 05:13 pm (UTC) - Re: Good to hear from you-
Yes - one of the saddest things is a pub, the King's Arms, right down on the quayside (or 'staithe' as they say in York). It is somewhere that floods often (it has the high water marks of various floods over the years painted on the wall) and usually the owner/manager (I don't know which he is) is fairly phlegmatic - he watches the water in the river rise, and at a certain point he gets all the bar furniture upstairs and closes up until the water levels drop. But this year the pub has been flooded for six weeks without a break - over the Christmas period too, which will have lost him a lot of income - and he has apparently had enough. Whether the pub will re-open or not, I don't know, but people seem to think that it won't. That is especially poignant, but it is sad to see many other businesses still dealing with the aftermath.

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